XE<>EDGE Bridge Opening Soon

The blockchain at the heart of the Edge Network has its own layer two coin, XE. The coin is designed to bridge into other networks such as Ethereum, allowing for the exchange of network value within the wider ecosystem.

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$XE is a layer 2 solution designed for fast transactions mapped to resource usage within the Edge Network.

It is bridged into the Ethereum network on a 1:1 basis with the $EDGE token.

The first network bridge, and the first decentralised exchange listing, will open this Thursday, 09th of September, 5PM UTC.

We’ll be providing a how-to guide for using the bridge ahead of time, along with a guide for how you can add liquidity to the Uniswap pairing should you wish to support the project in this way.

The Uniswap listing will be supported with significant liquidity. In addition we have engaged a team to help us with the management of the pairing.

The tokenomics of the network are designed to be deflationary, with network growth and governance locking tokens through staking, and network revenue used for buy backs to provide service credits to customers.

You can read more about the tokenomics of the network here:


The team has been working hard to ensure that the bridge and the listing provide the solution required to properly support the growth of the network and the use of the token for network services. The wallet, explorer and distribution were the first big milestones in this process, opening up the network’s blockchain directly for the first time. The bridge opening and the Uniswap pairing are the next steps as we move towards the realisation of the potential for edge computing.

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