Notice: $EDGE delisting from OKEx

OKEx have taken the decision to delist $EDGE from their platform citing a lack of liquidity.

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The delisting will happen at 06:00 Feb 18, 2020 (UTC).

Important: individuals with $EDGE tokens on OKEx need to withdraw them from the exchange before the 01st of March.

We are obviously disappointed with the decision to delist EDGE from OKEx, especially given the significant marketing investment we have made with them since being listed.

Liquidity is important to us and we speak to our exchanges regularly. OKEx missed our last catch up call and then took the decision to delist without discussion or taking the time to engage with us about our future plans.

The Edge team are continuing to drive forward with development and the extension of the network. They are also working hard to address liquidity concerns.

You can catch up with the latest news right here on site, or in our social channels.

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