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Happy New Year! This is first update for 2021. There will be many more 😀

We are working through the required changes to the core of the platform in support of the issue of a new Edge token. This is happening alongside our work with TNC. It’s heavy work in progress and we’re not in a position to talk to you all about the details yet, but we are very close.

We’re talking weeks, not months.

The conversations that I’ve been reading through here have been great, and there’s a lot of crossover in our planning with the suggestions made. Things like governance, deeper integration for staking and the like are front and centre in what is being taken forward.

Please keep your thinking hats on and throw in any suggestions that you have to help to drive Edge forward. We’ll put meat on the bone and broaden the discussion as soon as we’re ready to do so.

Chris and I are leading this process, with input from across the business.

In terms of network development, we’ve been adding information to our real time monitoring system to display a graph of version deployments, so we can better understand the way devices are handling updates and where there might be issues.

The update process was temporarily causing some issues with sessions and recognising device metadata changes. This is now resolved.

The team is also working on a new logger that will allow us to remote aggregate logs through our monitoring stack.

The issue covered in a prior update where subroutines stack up over time has finally been resolved, after a few weeks of intermittent debugging. This wasn’t a particularly serious issue in the short term but did cause memory leaks after 3-4 weeks, putting strain on the team by getting in the way of core development.

We’ve got off to a great start to the year in terms of business growth as well, with a series of meetings down and a bunch more in the diary. Of course it’s all virtual at the moment, but it’s still been nice to see people’s faces.

Our new business function has expanded, with a new business manager bought in alongside our new business director. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a key focus for the business for 2021/22 and beyond, and we expect to be expanding the team to cover other regions as we move through the year.

Anyone interested in network services should hit us up on: sales@edge.network

We’re also putting down plans for expansion in core development capability to increase the pace of development, something that will become particularly important as we move forward with new services in the network, looking of course to Storage and beyond to DB, API and functions.

Finally, if you missed our wrap up of 2020, you can read it here: https://edge.network/en/updates/network/2020-tldr

And that’s it for now.

Enjoy your weekends 😀

Fri, 08 Jan 2021 18:30:00 +0000 5ffab6d38c9007001a8925eb Joseph Denne 2021-01-08T18:30:00+00:00
2020 TL;DR https://edge.network/updates/network/2020-tldr Edge is now active in 82 countries. We’ve served hundreds of billions of requests in the mainnet; provided 51 written technology & project updates; delivered multiple releases of API, Edit, CDN and DNS; and have evolved Stargate, Gateway and Host beyond recognition, with core services now fully network native.

The Year in Review

2020 has been a tough year full of unexpected challenges for everyone, either financially, emotionally or both.

For Edge it meant a significant shift in business, with a series of large-scale in plan engagements cancelled on the back of the rapidly changing landscape. A few members of our team contracted COVID-19, and one of my business partners was taken seriously ill. But we rolled with the punches, reshaping and refocusing the business, continuing to push forward to deliver on the vision of the Edge network.

It’s been a challenging year on a personal level as well. Like most of us, I’ve been locked up at home for months and unable to travel to visit family. Fortunately as a business we’ve been a remote team since inception back in 2013 (https://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2015/oct/15/flexible-working-pragmatic-entrepreneurs-employees-productivity), so we’re very well versed in remote working. But even so, going from ten+ flights a year and three+ days of face-to-face meetings a week to none at all has been a pretty radical change.

Of course we remain in the midst of a pandemic. But it won’t last forever. And with luck we can take the positives that come from the experience (increased technical literacy, reduction in emissions and the acceptance of remote working) forward with us.

It’s so hard to summarise what the team have accomplished this year. And it feels like yesterday that I posted the 2019 TL;DR (https://edge.network/en/updates/network/2019-tldr/).

Since then I’ve written 51 weekly updates, charting the year in development terms in real time.

Here are a few of my highlights:

  • Moving API to version 6, aligning it directly with the network’s codebase
  • The introduction of Edge Console
  • The launch of subscriptions for CDN, enabling end to end service delivery and payment within Console
  • The development of disk cache and lightning cache for Gateway
  • The development of cache recovery, a feature that persists the cache on Gateway to disk, enabling reindexing on reload
  • Moving away from Consul in the main to a network native solution for device management
  • The success of early stage testing and POC for Edge Storage
  • The addition of Gif support to CDN 💃
  • Being a finalist in the 2020 Network Computing Awards, alongside Dell, Hitachi and IBM

Is that all? No, not really… 😅

  • The addition of a world of image manipulation functionality to CDN (see https://edge.network/en/content-delivery/documentation/ for a full breakdown)
  • The addition of the info command to Edge CLI
  • The addition of Mime type detection in CDN
  • The addition of audio support in CDN
  • Hitting 25 million image transformations in month with CDN
  • The introduction of stake management within Console (https://edge.network/en/updates/announcements/managing-stakes-with-edge-cli/)
  • The introduction of real time telemetry in the network over a proprietary data channel
  • The addition of full support for Etag headers
  • The addition of cache invalidation to CDN
  • The addition of the ability to edit distributions in the network
  • The completion of the specification for an “eventually synchronised” database layer in the network
  • Huge performance improvements across the stack (85% increases in delivery speed)
  • Hitting 50 million image transformations in month with CDN
  • The addition of a payment gateway to the Edit.com platform
  • The introduction of cancellation requests to the job queue on Gateway
  • The introduction of the watch service to Edge CLI, enabling the viewing of job performance on an individual Host device
  • Moving the MacOS version of Host in to Alpha testing
  • The introduction of adaptive queue sizing to Gateway
  • The creation of a network native routing solution for Stargate
  • The creation of an email sending service within the network (Edge Mailer)
  • Moving to live with a series of new DC partners to strengthen the network backbone
  • The completion of the specification for Edge Functions
  • The introduction of circular Payload Validation, which has Gateway periodically testing for expected responses from Host devices
  • Hitting 100 million image transformations in month with CDN
  • Getting new subnets approved by RIPE to enable broader peering arrangements to be made
  • Supporting Cookalong TV through 25 live streamed celebrity events in support of charity
  • +much more!

Not to mention the wonderful work that we’ve done in support of customers and partners like Tiipr, Monocle, BOL, Leo Burnett and many others…

And all this while fixing hundreds of bugs, giving the best support we could and maintaining network uptime at 100%.

The $EDGE Token

The end of March saw the announcement of our partnership with the TNC Group. This included a swap of the Edge token for a group coin, a proposition designed to provide liquidity, unlock near-term value and support the reissue of $EDGE with new contracts and greater reach. The partnership was also designed to bring complementary skill sets together and to cross pollinate ideas.

Whilst the original idea for a large-scale M&A programme in crypto is ambitious and has merit, the delays in execution have been very difficult to navigate, and have put a lot of pressure on community relations. It is important to stress that the Edge team recognises this and shares the frustration.

The Edge Network needs a liquid token to operate and to drive growth in capacity. The delays with unlock harm the network, which is demonstrable in the reduction of connected devices. These pressures will only increase as we push forward with business growth.

That said, we see the delays as an aside to the journey of Edge, and the team is prepared for the reissue of the token.

What’s in store for 2021

We founded Edge to uphold the founding principles of the Web through the democratisation of computational power. We’ve made great technological strides towards this, with an ecosystem that enables participation in the value generation of cloud computing.

As we move through 2021 and bring additional core services online, we hope to be able to bring much more of the vision for Edge to life.

You can see the full current roadmap for the project here:



  • Completing the replacement of Consul
  • Edge Storage moving to public beta
  • The full automation of Staking
  • Automating crypto payments
  • +much, much more besides

I want to take a moment to focus on Edge Storage. It makes up a significant part of our roadmap for the year, with the expectation that we will be moving to a public beta.

Storage in the network is radically different to existing storage solutions in market. It’s not a disk rental solution or a marketplace for individuals to sell their capacity one to one. It’s a service layer that makes use of the capacity in Host devices, automating device and capacity negotiation. There is no concept of a single file in the network; rather the network orchestrates the break up and distribution of files across hundreds of devices. Objects stored in the network are all fully encrypted, and can be encrypted with your own keys if you wish. This is similar in approach to crypto wallets, providing a completely secure and highly redundant storage solution. And of course, because it runs in the spare capacity of the devices all around us, it’s radically better for the environment than traditional and competing solutions.

Finally, a thank you

Edge is the world’s first edge network, and is at the cutting edge of developments in cloud computing. 2020 was a difficult but important year. We’re very excited for 2021.

A huge thank you to the entire Edge team for keeping keeping on 🙏, and to our community for sticking with us. Your ongoing support means a huge amount to the entire team. Thank you for being part of our journey.

There’s a lot in store for 2021 👀

In the meantime here’s to a fantastic New Year ❤️

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Weekly Update: W/C 28th September, 2020 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-28th-september-2020 Hi everyone 👋

TNC delayed token unlock until the end of October. They completed their mainnet ahead of schedule and the business needs it live in support of core operations. Swapping now (fully automatic – there’s nothing for you to do) will save time later. We recognise the frustration that an additional delay brings, but believe that it will be for the best in the end.

Watch this space.

Note that the swap process will remain open until April 2021.

After completing the move away from Consul KV store the network team have made great progress with service monitoring events in Stargate. We now have realtime service data without the need for Consul, which has improved performance, especially for DNS where realtime service status is crucial for load-balancing and DNS exchange, the method deployed when a Stargate does not have sufficient Gateway and Host resources, and needs to offset traffic.

There are still some minor tweaks and bug fixes required, but we hope the first phase will be ready by mid October.

Fallback image support has been added to CDN, as well as some major improvements and bug fixes for GIF manipulation.

Before the next release we’ll also be further reducing the footprint of CDN.

The outage we had in Console API was caused by an overrun in CDN usage reports from nodes. 1,973,886 records had backed up as a result of a failed record consolidation process. This has now been resolved and updates are processing.

@Pastienot asked “We know one of the areas that prohibit growth was serious lack of volume on known/popular exchanges… and that was with us on ETH. The move to Sigma; could you include in your Friday address how you see the liquidity issue playing out?”

Liquidity in Edge was hampered by the bear market and a lack of interest in lower-ranking tokens. At the same time network services weren’t fully live, restricting use in the token for purchasing, which couldn’t be fully offset by staking.

The tokenomics were designed around ever restricting supply through network growth (which worked to an extent), and growth in demand for services (which didn’t get off the ground with new business running behind network growth).

The partnership with TNC was in part designed to address this by working with a company well versed in the space and demonstrably capable of managing volume and making a market.

TNC are using a build of Sigma as their own chain, moving this forward from the anticipated launch to better support their business operations today.

This answers the liquidity question for their operations in part: having real-world business using the chain drives volume. In addition as a group they are committed to backing liquidity and exchange support.

There’s no current plan for Edge to use the TNC mainnet directly long term. But it is being looked at. The primary considerations for the network are speed, foot print (we operate in some very low powered environments in terms of hdd/ram/cpu) and cost. In addition we need smart contracts.

There are a few options on the table for this, including ERC-20 (which I maintain is a fantastic platform).

Looking to the future, the tokenonmics for Edge will be similar to the original premise: real services purchased/swapped for the token to reimburse providers of capacity; liquidity driven through use; supply controlled by network size.

The key difference is that it will be supported by the TNC Group, meaning that their will be an at-scale commitment to liquidity and exchange reach.

On a separate note, staking values for network nodes are to be confirmed, but are likely to be mapped to existing stake levels. We’ll have an update on this front ahead of nodes being stakable again.

And finally for this week, a new site for a regional Leo Burnett office moved to final testing ahead of live. It’s built with Edit and API, with a Nuxt.js frontend and CDN for media delivery. A nice little showcase for the tech. I’ll share a link once it’s public.

And that’s it!

Enjoy your weekends.

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Weekly Update: W/C 21st September, 2020 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-21st-september-2020 Hi everyone 👋

Less than a week to the unlock of TNC. Thursday 01st is the date.

We’re still processing incoming swap requests, but be warned that swaps received this late in the day may not be processed ahead of the 01st. We’ll do what we can though!

The network team deployed a new version of Stargate to test.entwork that brings the capability to internally redirect DNS within the network. This version also has the hooks for a new BGP service, which is being built directly in to Stargate, replacing Bird.

Migration of the masternode layer is ongoing. We’re estimating a further two weeks to completion.

We made a new full time engineering hire to the network team. We expect to hiring further as we move to the end of the year, specifically looking to support growth in the Edit team.

We’re in the final throws of testing pre-live for the latest eCommerce build of Edit/Edit API, which includes subscription support. The first customer release on the tech will be live in early October.

Testing for the watermark feature for CDN completed. This will be released in mainnet in the next fortnight.

And that’s it for this week. Short + sweet.

Enjoy your weekends 👌

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Weekly Update: W/C 14th September, 2020 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-14th-september-2020 Hi everyone 👋

Happy Friday!

As part of the shift from Consul we have had to rebuild the service management layer in Stargate in order to handle service metadata, something required to determine which services are hosting apps in order to define DNS routing correctly across the network.

This means that on top of the KV changes discussed in earlier updates, we now have:

  • Service registration (RPC)
  • Service deregistration (RPC)
  • Service health (RPC)
  • Service metadata (RPC)

This is a significant move in the entire consul migration work stream. It should be ready to move out of test.network to the mainnet at the end of this month.

As part of this work we’ve also built in more intelligence to the network services layer, for example Stargates reporting on the Gateways connected to them directly:


Arthur spoke about the why of moving on from Consul in yesterday’s AMA:

Network coordination and configuration sharing was and still is one of the key components to Edge. At the very beginning there was an immediate requirement to implement a solution that would last us long enough to work out exactly what we needed from it.

We introduced Consul early (not long after ditching ZooKeeper, but that’s a story for another time). As development progressed, it became clearer that what we needed from a decentralised network manifest was not always going to be covered by Consul, but introducing it was a level of technical debt we could, on balance, afford.

Predictably, it became sluggish when trying to handle the increased number of healthchecks as more devices connected. Unpredicabtably, it also didn’t cope with regular KV writes, so as more users onboarded with CDN we saw a rapid slowdown of deployment. When I say rapid, I mean it took something like 30 seconds to deploy a new instance of CDN, which might seem pretty fast for global deployment, but we could see it wouldn’t scale.

Over the last 12 months we’ve raised a number of issues relating to performance without adequate feedback. We’ve also seen a rather quick shift to monetisation methods that we don’t necessarily agree with, including the removal of features for non-enterprise users. To be an enterprise user we would need to host via Hashicorp owned infrastructure, which means it is no longer decentralised within our network.

“_For us, with all of the existing performance issues it is not yet a valuable option, so we took this opportunity to replace it with a system we’d been planning for far later in the roadmap._“

We’ve finished the last stages of the watermark feature for CDN, which has now been released to Testnet. The next major feature is fallback image support which will enable the return an image instead of an error message when a source file can’t be found or processed.

We’re involved in a pitch for a infrastructure project for a Gov. department here in the UK. It’s very early in the process, but there is great alignment with our technology.

We had a two hour AMA with Jason from TNC yesterday. Amongst other things he answered questions on future mergers, tokenonmics and the various businesses that make up the TNC Group. You can see a full transcript here:


In summary: we’re on for 01st October for unlock.

We kicked off a partnership with a very promising blockchain company, specifically exploring how we can leverage their technology in the network to reduce fees and increase payout times. Separately to this we’re moving their site and explorer in to the Edge network. As soon as this is up - which should be this side of Christmas - we’ll share it with the community.

On new business efforts in general, Chris had this to say in the AMA yesterday:

“_It’s early days and we have a bunch to complete in support (the site update for e.g.), but the strategy is in place and is being executed on. We’re starting to see green shoots and there will be updates about new engagements as we move forward. We’re obviously focused on CDN in the main, but Edit is also a core focus for me. It’s a powerful set of tech and does a great job of demonstrating what the network is capable of._“

The market opportunity for CDN is highly significant. It was valued at 12 billion US in 2019, with well over a million paying customers in the space, and it is expected to reach a value of 50 billion by 2025.

After many years of development production testing it’s great to be in the midst of taking the tech to market. There’s so much scope for the platform and we’re really only just starting to scratch the surface.

Anyway, that’s it for this week!

Enjoy your weekends 👌

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AMA Recap: September 17th, 2020 https://edge.network/knowledge/network/ama-recap-september-17th-2020 Question 1

When Binance? (question which lingers for the past 3 years)

Joseph Denne: It’s a funny question, akin to “when moon”, but it’s also one that masks the effort and spend required to deliver on exchange listings at scale. Edge’s focus has always been on the tech first: it’s a long-term play. New exchanges for the group will come about through future mergers in the M&A programme as we move forward.

Question 2

Jason, a question, if the tokens are locked in the wallet, who are all trading on various exchanges at the moment? Why not let people withdraw their original coins till the time you can confirm OTC deal & provide confidence to people?

Jason Jang: We listed TNC on exchange at the end of April this year. All the trading activities on exchanges are part natural buyer and part event participants around the globe. The reason we are holding user’s token is simply following the contract and preparing for a synchronized release and launch. Also, any withdrawal issues on exchanges are not controlled by TNC.

Joseph Denne: To add to that, it’s important to note that the swap process is ongoing and we’re continuing to work through swap batches. And we’re still on track for Oct. 01st.

Question 3

What are the ‘many measures’ to prevent the collapse of the token price upon unlock (as mentioned in the official TNC grounp)?

Jason Jang: TNC team develop new platform recently which will be open up to public very soon. Not just capital injection, we are planning to manage the market with real circulation and utilization of TNC. Our plan was never depending on big exchanges. Market style must change its orientation. Trading on exchange should not be the only solution for crypto. TNC new project will let you experience actual usage of TNC coin. New platform and usage of TNC will generate true circulation outside of exchange and this will prevent the collapse of the token price.

Chris Mair: Much of what is being done as a group is focused on the creation of real-world value. There’s good alignment here between Edge and TNC.

Follow Up: Hi Jason. Care to elaborate on this new platform? Tell us a little more about what it is?

Jason Jang: News will be posted on TNC public channel.

Question 4

The order books are incredibly thin. People who’ve received airdrops alone can wipe out all available buy orders. Where is liquidity for this token coming from - - and please don’t say trading comps because you tried that already.

Jason Jang: We already cover this issue in question 3. So please refer to that answer.

Question 5

Please clearly articulate the use and utility of the TNC token. Why should I hold this token long term?

Jason Jang: TNC will introduce various market platforms for crypto in the near future. Buyaladdin and New platform will start the movement. Holding the coin or not is up to you alone - we are not here to consult your future investment. I do believe we’ll do great yet it’s my opinion only.

Joseph Denne: It’s worth noting that TNC will be used for staking, service purchase and payouts in the Edge network post unlock.

Question 6

When will we receive details on the staking function of TNC?

Jason Jang: Staking function and mainnet development news is on its way. Please wait for our public telegram chat room news and public announcement on this.

Question 7

Why would you expect new investors to come in and buy TNC on the exchanges, when they know that a huge number of coins will be dumped every month by merged projects who got the coins at a 50x lower price? (please don’t say because of buyalladin)

Jason Jang: Dear EDGE users, please note that since you are one of the 1st merger groups, you are receiving a larger benefit. 2nd and 3rd merger companies will not get this amount of TNC for their SWAP. We already closed the investment pool. We are not looking for further investors at the moment. Our initial investor group are ready to support the exchange market.

Question 8

What’s the relationship between Playfuel and TNC, and how does this impact the merger going forward?

Jason Jang: PLF is one of the coin projects that TNC group support and invest in. PLF and TNC is separate company and will not affect each other. No airdrop or swap.

Question 9

How is the Mainnet of TNC going to work, Centralised or Decentralised?

Jason Jang: We do have a plan to deploy the mainnet, yet not ready to open up the news. Decentralized one for sure.

Question 10

How are you going to pay for Proof of Play, making more $TNC?

Jason Jang: Proof of Play is one of the concepts we studied in early stage of development. All the injection will be managed by sub company who wishes to issue the token under TNC.

Question 11

10 addresses hold 99,99% of TNCs available. How are you securing these assets?

Jason Jang: 10 addresses? Are you looking at the TNC group wallet? 80 percent of TNC is secured in 10 different wallets. It is not for circulation, so do not worry.

Question 12

On TNC roadmap, Q1 of 2021 is TNC Mainnet Launch. We are swapping until Q4 2021. How are we going to make this process from ERC-20 to TNC Mainnet during the swap?

Jason Jang: If we launch the mainnet then there will be one more migration we will need to perform. You don’t have to worry it’ll be automatic migration.

Question 13

Can you give a final confirmation for the unlock and the 0.04USD deal?

Jason Jang: October 1st is set date and we will follow. The OTC part of the deal has not been confirmed yet, and once this is done before the unlock date, it will be communicated officially through the website. Liquidity provider and other investor will support the market value for sure. Please wait for our announcement.

Question 14

Among the many cryptocurrencies the TNC/ABBC Group have minted, there are Playfuel (PLF), Homeros (HMR) and TNC Coin which all share the ‘gaming blockchain’ as their main goal. They also share extremely similar whitepapers, down to all three using the ‘proof of play’ consensus protocol. Can you clarify what the differences between these are and why TNC coin is branded as a gaming network and does not have or even explain the M&A program as its core vision?

Jason Jang: Please read the white paper again and also read TNC book https://tncitgroup.com/tncbook.pdf . These provide a lot of information.

Follow Up: I specifically asked why the three whitepapers I read are so similar and all contain the same ‘proof of play protocol’.

Joseph Denne: As I understand it, they will be using the TNC mainnet (/ elements of it) as it is pushed out – so a lot of cross pollination.

Question 15

How are you going to introduce to the market the 1/2 trillion - TNCs ecosystem?

Jason Jang: why 1/2 trillion? We only open up for 20 percent which covers first 100 companies. If you look closer on token economy for TNC, 50 percent of that 20 percent will be locked for at least 1 year. Also, the other 50 percent is following the merger completion. Now we only close 5 merger companies. If you do the math, this only open up 5 percent. Within this 5 percent, only 10 percent will be released to the market.

Follow Up: TNC token distribution plan: • 50% - TNCs ecosystem • 50% - Swap Projects

So, if we Open 5% TNCs for Swap, it will be Maximum 5% TNCs ecosystem? Total of TNC in the market: 10%?

Jason Jang: 1 trillion TNC. 500 billion for merger; 500 billion for ecosystem; for now, we are processing first 100 companies. So, 100 billion for merger; 100 billion for ecosystem. Since we are in 1st group of mergers which is 5 companies only 5% for merger tokens and 5% for ecosystem tokens. These are the only supply amount in the market.

Question 16

How about 90% of TNC token burn/lock? Will it still happen?

Jason Jang: 80 percent for exact. If TNC stop processing the merger after 100 companies, then 80 percent of TNC will be burned for sure.

Question 17

If you burn/lock, let’s say 50% of TNCs created for Swap Projects, are you going to burn/swap the same amount of TNCs created for the Ecosystem?

Jason Jang: Yes. With same ratio.

Question 18

You said in a YouTube interview that in the future there will be many TNCs. When are you expecting these TNCs will be created and who is going to receive them?

Jason Jang: More mergers, more tokens! As we increase the merger joining companies, swap process will release more TNC coin to the market.

Follow Up: I think the question refers to that you said there will be 3 different TNC tokens/coins with different functions.

Jason Jang: 3 different TNC is for later. You’ll not see this development right away. It is the plan after the stabilization completed. trading / stable / utility

Question 19

To succeed with the 500 company merger program, TNC will need very large capital reserves. Who is funding TNC and do these investors retain company shares or tokens only?

Jason Jang: This information is not for me to open up in this session. Commercially sensitive information, sorry.

Question 20

The former TNC CEO and founder Bruce Jeong was very outspoken and promoting TNC on numerous venues until shortly before the mergers were announced. Then he stepped down without explanation and deleted all his social media profiles (e.g LinkedIn). What happened?

Jason Jang: No comment on this issue. I will not speak about this matter ever in public.

Question 21

In the official TNC telegram group, Korean administrators do not have the slightest information regarding the project, any questions are answered so that we can look at the site. Will normal administrators be added who really work in the company and who can communicate in English without Google Translate?

Jason Jang: I’ll see what I can do to improve communication for English holders.

Question 22

There was mention of new smart contracts for Edge. What are these for and how do they fit in with Edge as a token?

Joseph Denne: There has always been a requirement for a more developed use of smart contracts in the network, for example to enable the direct staking and de-staking of nodes. Work on this was de-prioritised over focusing on the core network code, but the requirement remains and it is in planning and development. The alignment of the contracts to value is important in that they relate directly to token use in the network. There’s a bunch of work ongoing on this front, which will be released for discussion in due course.

Question 23

Moving away from Consul seems like a huge job and we’ve heard about it a lot. Why are you doing it and how does it benefit the network?

Arthur Mingard: It absolutely is a huge job. Network coordination and configuration sharing was and still is one of the key components to Edge. At the very beginning there was an immediate requirement to implement a solution that would last us long enough to work out exactly what we needed from it.

We introduced Consul early (not long after ditching ZooKeeper, but that’s a story for another time). As development progressed, it became clearer that what we needed from a decentralised network manifest was not always going to be covered by Consul, but introducing it was a level of technical debt we could, on balance, afford. Predictably, it became sluggish when trying to handle the increased number of health checks as more devices connected. Unpredictably, it also didn’t cope with regular KV writes, so as more users onboarded with CDN we saw a rapid slowdown of deployment. When I say rapid, I mean it took something like 30 seconds to deploy a new instance of CDN, which might seem pretty fast for global deployment, but we could see it wouldn’t scale.

Over the last 12 months we’ve raised a number of issues relating to performance without adequate feedback. We’ve also seen a rather quick shift to monetisation methods that we don’t necessarily agree with, including the removal of features for non-enterprise users. To be an enterprise user we would need to host via Hashicorp owned infrastructure, which means it is no longer decentralised within our network.

For us, with all of the existing performance issues it is not yet a valuable option, so we took this opportunity to replace it with a system we’d been planning for far later in the roadmap, and it’s coming along nicely!

Joseph Denne: This workstream also enables the use of Edge in a private network context, something that we envisage being taken to market as a standalone enterprise offering in due course.

Question 24:

How’s the new business drive coming along for Edge?

Chris Mair: Pretty well! It’s early days and we have a bunch to complete in support (the site update for e.g.), but the strategy is in place and is being executed on. We’re starting to see green shoots and there will be updates about new engagements as we move forward. We’re obviously focused on CDN in the main, but Edit is also a core focus for me. It’s a powerful set of tech and does a great job of demonstrating what the network is capable of.

Joseph Denne: There will be some real-world deployments that we’ll be able to share soon too.

Question 25

TNC Coin being added to the Abra app is great. Are there other integrations in the works?

Jason Jang: There will be various integration along the way. All the news will be shared through our public chat room. Abra app was processed by them not on us. More good movement will happen.

Question 26

How far along is the mainnet of TNC? Is there a whitepaper?

Jason Jang: Please visit our website and d/l the whitepaper. https://tncitgroup.com/whitepaper.pdf

Follow Up: To what kind of clients/companies/sectors (obv. without needing to break NDAs) has the TNC network given edge access to and has it led to new business acquisition yet?

Jason Jang: Supply chain, academy, government level of project are on the table. But this chat room is not the place to mention the name of the company or project name. Again, so sorry some of the information are limited to share.

Question 27

What time is the unlock on the 01st of October and what time zone?

Jason Jang: I believe it will follow Dubai time. It will be announced through public chat room in the coming days.

Question 28

Jason Jang: TNC has invested in multiple projects and is building out an ecosystem that strengthens the entire group through larger communities, more reach and real-world projects.

Question 29

When will TNC token to coin swap be completed in Aladdin wallets?

Joseph Denne: We’re working through the remaining swap requests in batches. There’s been a little delay on the latest set, but we expect them to be processed soon.

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 09:30:00 +0000 5f64b467d0b9d8001921d330 Bolaji Oyewole 2020-09-18T09:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 07th September, 2020 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-07th-september-2020 Hi everyone 👋

We’ve been flat out with the latest iteration of Edit and API this week, pushing towards release at the end of the month.

We have resolved some issues with session reporting that were introduced during the move to new infrastructure over the last few weeks.

The new CDN watermark feature is coming along nicely, with a couple of changes flagged in the alpha tests due to be completed next week. The first full release of this functionality follow on from that in short order.

We span up new Stargates in a few new locations, ahead of bringing the latest build of the BGP layer for the network online. We’re pushing for a broader spread of coverage, reconfigured to better reflect the live usage patterns in the network that we’ve been aggregating and analysing since CDN first moved to live.

We also firmed up plans for the upgrading of the contract layers in the network, focused on the provision of deeper service connectivity and moving to trustless transactions for actions such as device staking. We’ll be publishing details about this in due course.

New business activity progressed well, and we’re edging closer to the release of a refresh of the Edge Network site in support of this activity.

And that’s it for now.

Enjoy your weekend 👌

Fri, 11 Sep 2020 17:30:00 +0000 5f64b7a7d0b9d8001921d331 Joseph Denne 2020-09-11T17:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 31st August, 2020 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-31st-august-2020 Hello everyone 👋

Monday was a bank holiday in the UK so it’s been a short week here, although no less packed than usual.

test.network has been refactored and is now up and running with a set of DC partners. This is the latest milestone in moving on from Consul.

We’ve now successfully migrated both mainnet and testnet over to the new infrastructure and have also migrated ACL. The next step is to complete the new BGP setup, which will deliver a far more comprehensive global spread for DNS and service lookup. (Reach and speed here as very important as they are the entrance point to the network.)

CDN is losing weight. We’re currently implementing docker-slim, a package that removes all of the noise from a container, which should see a significant reduction in the disk space required to run CDN. Freeing up this space will give more space for Filestore and other applications in the pipeline, which in return should increase the earning capability of devices.

Job opportunity alert 🚨 Edge + Edit customer Monocle is recruiting for a junior-mid level developer and a senior developer to lead their internal team. Monocle is fantastic operation with a real clarity of vision in the publishing space. If you’re interested please feel free to drop me a line and I can share the specifications and make introductions.

We’re in the last straight with the latest Edit eCommerce platform delivery, which will be live in early October.

There are two new engagements due to be kicking off this month. And we’re pushing ahead with sales efforts. Updates to the Edge site are still work in progress, but we’re getting there!

Cookalong TV has now held 19 celebrity events and is now working on a move in to corporate events. We’re assisting with this in the form of platform support.

Thank you for the questions submitted so far for the next AMA. A reminder that is scheduled for the 17th, and will be with Jason, Chris, Arthur and I.

Oh, and we’ve bought the Edge site up to date with my weekly updates. They’re all - 74 and counting! - available here: https://edge.network/en/updates

Enjoy your weekends.

Fri, 04 Sep 2020 17:30:00 +0000 5f525d49655e880012717f06 Joseph Denne 2020-09-04T17:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 17th August, 2020 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-17th-august-2020 Hi everyone 👋

Further discussion about our in plan database service was had, specifically focused on how it could link up with API and make use of storage for an instant-on, persisted API+DB solution. Exciting developments in the architecting phase and one of the key future services that we see for the network.

The network-native replacement for Consul moved on significantly, with end to end Stargate > GW > Host updates now in place, and processing through the line taking less than a second (vs. 30+ seconds under Consul). This is the final portion of the first phase of removing Consul as a dependency. We’ve moved to using RPC calls to set and update CDN config and synchronise subscription settings far faster than the previous approach.

Core infrastructure and deployment changes are ongoing.

Work on refining the processes for CDN subscriptions and payment processing pushed forward, streamlining of the backend and removing some complexity.

Work on new features for CDN progressed well, including some of the new audio concepts and the continuation of the watermark feature discussed previously. Work on further optimisation of the build process to further reduce the footprint of CDN also progressed.

We engaged a sales lead for Edit, the editorial interfaces built on our tech and running in the network. This is part of a two pronged approach to sales as move to in to the last quarter of the year. We’re kicking this off next week.

TNC’s official community channel can be found here: https://t.me/joinchat/HtbMOEu3Ew5_JrQHZlnOCA

Several key people from their team are there, including Jason. It’s the key channel for updates and discussion around TNC.

Two more swap batches were processed this week.

Jason Jang (TNC’s CEO – @JasonCIO) will holding another #AMA with our community in Telegram on the 17th of September. Get your questions in now.

Finally a few stats for you:

Edge CDN has processed over 18m pipeline manipulations in the past 30 days, delivering out 2.2TB+ of transformed images.

And that’s it for this week!

Enjoy your weekends.

Fri, 21 Aug 2020 17:30:00 +0000 5f525bf7655e880012717f04 Joseph Denne 2020-08-21T17:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 10th August, 2020 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-10th-august-2020 Hi everyone 👋

I had some serious complications on the back of dental surgery last week and have been out of action this week as a result. 🤒 I’m on the up though and should be back at the coalface next week.

Arthur has been on holiday this week.

The public routing information for the new BGP layer in the network moved forward a step and should be live in the next week.

The addition of a watermark feature for Edge CDN progressed. The full specification for the feature is as follows:


Also on CDN, the team moved to a new cross-platform CDN build process that makes use of GitHub Actions, speeding up build times considerably.

We moved forward a series of updates to Console and to the main Edge website, all of which we plan to have in production in the coming weeks.

And work continued on the move away from Consul.

TNC appointed Jon Najarian as the Non-Exec. Chairman of the TNC Group. Two additional swap batches were sent for processing.

And that’s it for this week.

Enjoy your weekends.

Fri, 14 Aug 2020 17:30:00 +0000 5f525b12655e880012717f03 Joseph Denne 2020-08-14T17:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 03rd August, 2020 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-03rd-august-2020 Hi everyone 👋

I’ve had to a series of emergency dental ops this week which have really knocked me for six, so I’ve been majority out of action. The team are cracking on without me though.

It’s been pretty much all hands on the replacement of Consul with the completion of the first stage of removing Consul from the application and subscription configuration process.

Gateway is now loading core apps and subscriptions from Stargate using a network native solution (rather than Consul), and watching for changes / deletes. It isn’t yet creating the caches or queues, but it will be soon.

Also of note is what the work will mean for updates to the network in future. At the moment when we release there’s effectively a race to update between all devices in the network. This can create a scenario whereby services drop out in regions as all devices are updating at once. It also means that a failed update requires a full rollout again. With the move away from Consul we will be able to update selectively, configuring a region by region and device by device cascade rollout schedule. This is a far more robust solution for our use case.

To give you some more insight in to the changes we’re making as move on from Consul, we’ve always used the Consul KV directory watch events as triggers for change, with Stargate writing to Consul KV and Gateway reading from it, so the fact we’re removing those watches and replacing them with a flat data structure is a big deal.

An example in core apps is that in Consul we stored nested values:

cdn > config

cdn > build

cdn > config > subscription > config

Now we’re decoupling the two, which is far more efficient. Changing the CDN build data will no longer trigger a watch event for each subscription config. The real complexity here is having the two work independently.

The performance impact is huge. Gateway full configuration is now down from ~20 seconds through Consul to 2 seconds with the native solution. Massive performance gains are coming online across the board as we move through this work stream.

Next up in the replacement of Consul is Host. Host will sync applications and config from Gateway. The code from Gateway will be reused here, which will make it quicker to integrate than the Gateway portion of the work.

We’ve also been working on the build and deploy process to streamline the configuration, reduce the build speed and automate the final deployment stage. This is expected to be deployed early next week.

The eCom/subs platform discussed last week progressed well, with a full launch planned in little under a month.

Our sales strategy advanced, as did the development of supporting materials. We’re a few weeks out from putting this lot in to action.

Jason from TNC is going to be doing another AMA with us soon. Date TBC, but you can start getting your questions in to BJay and Rick now.

Enjoy your weekends. I’m off to lie down some more 🤒

Fri, 07 Aug 2020 17:30:00 +0000 5f525a67655e880012717f00 Joseph Denne 2020-08-07T17:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 27th July, 2020 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-27th-july-2020 Hi everyone 👋

A long day (and week!), so this update is a little later than usual.

Edge was issued with a new subnet through RIPE as part of the ongoing upgrade to the mainnet backbone. We’ll be moving this side fo things in to production over the next 1-2 weeks as we refactor the Stargate layer to better reflect current and projected usage patterns.

We have a new sales director on the team. He will be working with Ravi & co. to complete the update to our site to better support sales of our first service. He’s also working on fleshing out our sales strategy for CDN.

The team spent most of the week improving the build and deployment process, specifically adding automation tasks to reduce the time required for network app releases to process and confirm to live.

They have also been refactoring the configuration process on Gateway to use the existing RPC connection between Gateway and Stargate. This further reduces the need for Consul within the network stack and is a key step in the Consul removal programme. The changes are currently in testing.

Development is progressing well on the build out of the new eCommerce subscriptions platform I mentioned in an earlier update. Design is done and we’re currently working through the integration of API with the Edit interfaces.

The tipping app, tiipr, is now live in 40 restaurants here in the UK and are continuing their rollout. Their tech is built on Edit and is majority running in the network.

The distribution of $TNC continues, with another batch processed this week. If you’ve not swapped yet don’t panic, there’s plenty of time to do so. But we recommend that you do sooner rather than later.

And that’s it for this week.

Enjoy your weekends.

Fri, 31 Jul 2020 17:30:00 +0000 5f5259e3655e880012717eff Joseph Denne 2020-07-31T17:30:00+00:00