Edge Latest articles from the team en 2021 Edge Network Technologies Ltd. All rights reserved. Thu, 02 Dec 2021 01:33:43 +0000 2021-12-02T01:33:43+00:00 en 2021 Edge Network Technologies Ltd. All rights reserved. Edge https://edge.network/assets/img/dadi-logo-colour.png https://edge.network Who is Clive? https://edge.network/knowledge/announcements/who-is-clive There’s a theme among blockchain projects and any kind of marketing that demands video or audio. We’re not saying they all sound the same but if you pause and think of all the voices you’ve heard explaining the many exciting emerging ideas in crypto, we’ll bet that none of them sound like Clive.

Clive Kitchener is a retired Canadian broadcaster living in Sooke BC on Vancouver Island. He’s been in the Edge community for some time, following the project since the very earliest of its days and one of the first to stake a node. He’s keen on tech, an interest developed over his long career in radio.

“I was unavoidably exposed to various technologies both old and new and fortunately I found it fascinating,” he says, with his trademark soft bellow.

“Not that I could build or fix any of it but ‘hearing’ the results of that technology through a speaker to me was near miraculous.”

Clive’s first connection to the digital world was via 386DX in the 1990s, with a massive 52MB hard drive. He was as enthralled with the Internet as he was when he first heard a radio station in an earphone connected to a crystal set.

“Technology can be used for good, bad or nothing at all,” says Clive. “I take none of it for granted – and I believe EDGE is here for the good.”

And that’s why he raised his hand to help. He’s lent his voice to 30 episodes of Conversations on the Edge, all of which can be found here. Stay tuned for even greater plans in audio for 2022.

Fri, 26 Nov 2021 14:30:00 +0000 61a0e4a98eb1e80019ea29f9 Joseph Denne 2021-11-26T14:30:00+00:00
Hosting the future https://edge.network/updates/network/hosting-the-future The future of the cloud – as our website likes to say – is Edge. And what do we mean by that? We mean that the technology of Edge Network will be the backbone that powers digital services in the decades to come. It’s why we’re building it – and why we believe that contributors who join us by staking Edge tokens will prosper.

Woven through that belief is a proven faith in blockchain technology… full stop. Blockchain facilitates much of what makes the network fair: it transparently calculates the data stored by customers and how much contributors earn as a result. It also helps manage governance on the network – those who stake $EDGE tokens in the network will be able to help run it, by making suggestions or participating in votes.

It’s potential like this that makes Edge Network a supporter of blockchain projects beyond our own. We use the hashtag ‘tech for good’ in social media because Edge Network supports concepts like fair distribution of wealth and opportunity – and the world of blockchain is littered with examples of this kind of work.

To reward this – and as part of our active contribution to the blockchain community – Edge is planning a programme called ‘On the Edge’ to host any new or emerging crypto projects for free. That means if you run a project using blockchain technology, you could be eligible for free hosting for your website or digital product.

Look out for full details in our announcement in the coming weeks – or if you want to get to the very front of the queue, reach out via our contact page. Alternatively, find one of our team in our communities on Twitter or Discord and they will point you in the right direction for a conversation.

And if you’re not one of the 118,000 already signed up to receive our email newsletters, do so today via our homepage and you won’t miss a single drop of Edge Network news.

Thu, 25 Nov 2021 14:30:00 +0000 619ddb398eb1e80019ea29f6 Chris Mair 2021-11-25T14:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 15th November, 2021 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-15th-november-2021 Good evening everyone 👋

On Wednesday $EDGE was successfully launched on MEXC, the leading Asian exchange.

The rationale for listing on a CEX was two fold: 1. Provide cheaper access to the token (noting the high gas costs associated with the use of Uniswap at the moment); and 2. open access to new markets.

If you don’t know it, MEXC is a great exchange and is worth checking out. They were established in 2018 and have 10 million+ registered users in over 200 countries (skewed heavily to the East). They provide services including spot, margin, leveraged ETFs, derivatives and staking, and were awarded with the Best Crypto Exchange in Asia at the Crypto Expo Dubai conference this year.

Check them out: https://www.mexc.com/exchange/EDGE_USDT

I’m going to be participating in an AMA with the MEXC community on the 22nd at 09:00 UTC. You can join their group here: https://t.me/MEXCEnglish

Next up, the XE mobile wallet.

The beta, which is running on test.network was submitted to Apple today and should be available in the coming days (pending Apple approval).

Once Apple has approved the submission, we’ll be opening up the source. Keep your eyes peeled as this is likely to be mid-week. announcements 👀

Once it’s been approved the intention is to run a week or so of testing ahead of switching to the mainnet beta.

I have Adam here to give you a deeper tech update.


Evening folks 👋

In addition to the planned opening up of the mobile wallet source, today we’ve also opened up the source of another project, the new fandangled CLI ✨

Whether you want to have a poke around, make some suggestions, or just watch as we implement device onboarding onto the CLI, now you can, just take a look at https://github.com/edge/cli

This week we’ve also been reviewing a number of exciting applications for our full stack developer positions, though if you haven’t applied yet, there’s still time. Just head over to https://ed.ge/join-us/full-stack-developer and fill in the form. If you know someone who you think is perfect for the role, ask them to mention your name in the form!

Bridge received some further improvements this week to help deal with the unpredictability of Ethereum gas prices. We’re looking into a potential solution with fixed withdrawal gas prices (like with sales) and an improved method for predicting the optimal Ethereum base gas price and tip.

This week has also seen work begin on the new Edge Account system, which has been in design for a little while. This is the authentication layer that sits above the new services interfaces. The system makes use of XE to provide an anonymously generated account ID, and this ID can then be used to access services. It’s all that’s required to connect into an account (unless you enable 2fa of course), providing a fast, simple access mechanism that leaves you in control of your data.

As https://twitter.com/@Cryptonator1337 has been teasing, the Edge scavenger hunt begins this weekend! 🗺️ 🔍

Whether you’ve an eye for a clue, a knack for cracking codes or simply rely on the time-proven hunch, look to the testnet for your first clue. The automated faucet will be dispensing more than just XE this week. And, should you require a hint, here you go:

4c 6f 6f 6b 20 69 6e 20 74 68 65 20 6d 65 74 61 64 61 74 61 20 6f 66 20 
74 68 65 20 61 75 74 6f 6d 61 74 65 64 20 66 61 75 63 65 74 20 74 72 61 
6e 73 61 63 74 69 6f 6e 73 2c 20 74 68 65 72 65 69 6e 20 79 6f 75 27 6c 
6c 20 66 69 6e 64 20 79 6f 75 72 20 66 69 72 73 74 20 63 6c 75 65 21 00


Very mysterious, thank you Adam!

The partnership announcement expected this week has been moved back a week (outside of our control). Watch. This. Space.

The latest episode of our podcast just dropped:

And the latest issue of our now weekly newsletter is scheduled for the weekend. If you’re not signed up, do so now! https://edge.press/

We’re still on the hunt for new core team members, with positions available for accomplished full stack developers. You can read about how we work and find a job specification in the community wiki here:

And if you missed last weeks update you can read it on our site here: https://ed.ge/update/2021/11/08

And that’s it for now – have a great weekend.

Fri, 19 Nov 2021 18:30:00 +0000 61a114b58eb1e80019ea29fa Joseph Denne 2021-11-19T18:30:00+00:00
MEXC Listing https://edge.network/updates/announcements/mexc-listing Trading opens at 08:00 UTC, and will provide access to the token with less friction and lower fees than Uniswap, making getting hold of a stake easier than ever.

MEXC is a leading exchange. It won the Best Crypto Exchange accolade in Asia at the Crypto Expo Dubai conference earlier this year and has over 10 million registered users. Being focused on Asia, MEXC also provides the Edge Network with access to new markets, helping to drive adoption and network growth.

You can access MEXC here: https://mexc.com

And you can read about getting ready for staking in the Edge Network here: https://edge.network/en/knowledge/network/get-ready-for-staking

Tue, 16 Nov 2021 10:30:00 +0000 619389218eb1e80019ea29f2 Chris Mair 2021-11-16T10:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 08th November, 2021 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-08th-november-2021 Good evening everyone 👋

First up, CLI.

We’re happy to announce that the new Edge CLI is now available for both mainnet and testnet. This first version of the new CLI supports command line wallet operations (creating or restoring an existing wallet, sending transactions, checking transactions, etc.) as well as staking (creating, unlocking, releasing).

In the coming weeks CLI will receive an update that will enable device onboarding too, first in testnet, and later in mainnet. At this point we also expect to open source CLI in line with our plans to open up development to our community.

Adam is with me to give you a deeper dive:


CLI has a simple update mechanism built in, meaning that you only need to download it once, after which you can update it simply by running edge update. There’s a separate CLI for both mainnet and testnet, with testnet receiving updates before they go live on mainnet. We’ve been working hard to cover all the bases with CLI and are proud to announce that it has been tested and is working on Linux, MacOS, and Windows, for x64 and arm64 architectures (with the exception of Windows arm64 where we’ve been unable to find a machine to test it on — so if you have one, please let us know!).

You can find the latest version of the mainnet edge CLI at: https://files.edge.network/cli/mainnet

And you can find the latest version of the testnet edgetest CLI here: https://files.edge.network/cli/testnet

The easiest way to get started with a Mac or Linux machine is like so, using mainnet x64 MacOS as an example:

$ curl https://files.edge.network/cli/mainnet/macos/x64/latest/edge -o /usr/local/bin/edge
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/edge
$ edge --version
Edge CLI v1.0.0 (Mainnet)

If you’re using the testnet CLI alongside mainnet, we recommend you use edge and edgetest to differentiate between the two.

There are also checksums included, which you can use to verify the files, using sha256sum on Linux and shasum -a 256 on MacOS. Edge CLI has help information embedded into it, so edge help and edge help will show you how to use each command. We’ll be writing more about this in an article soon.

As ever, we welcome feedback, and look forward to working with you all to improve the CLI. As a reminder, for those less technically-inclined, we are working on a GUI wallet interface that will have the same functionality as the CLI, and expect to release that early next year.


Thank you Adam!

An eagle eyed individual has already staked!

Check it: https://xe.network/transaction/d4ccf9cb668cac39bf67ba8384e72e89735a526dddc70277fe19df39f8ec91ac


The XE mobile wallet apps are progressing nicely in private beta, and we look forward to being able to invite members of the community to try it out in the public beta in the near future. More on that next week!

We will be live on a new exchange very soon. 👀 I can’t tell you which one yet, but you’ll be amongst the first to know.

The focus for this listing is two fold: 1. to access new markets to help power growth in the network; and 2. to provide a lower barrier to entry for network participation (noting the high cost of transactions within Uniswap at the moment).

The latest episode of our podcast just dropped:

We’ve been working through plans for 2022. There are fantastic advancements on the horizon which I can’t wait to talk to you about. @chrismair and I are putting together a 2022 vision document which will be published this side of the Christmas break. Expect to hear about chain advancements, enhanced utility and much more on governance and the DAO.

And the latest issue of our now weekly newsletter has just been sent. You can see it online here:

If you’re not signed up, do so now and join the 100,000+ individuals already subscribed: https://edge.press

We’re still on the hunt for new core team members, with positions available for accomplished full stack developers. You can read about how we work and find a job specification in the community wiki here:

And if you missed last weeks update you can read it on our site here: https://ed.ge/update/2021/10/29

And finally, you can expect to hear more on a major partnership next week. We’re extremely excited about this one.

And that’s it for now – have a great weekend.

Fri, 12 Nov 2021 18:30:00 +0000 6197fa3f8eb1e80019ea29f3 Joseph Denne 2021-11-12T18:30:00+00:00
So what is CDN, anyway? https://edge.network/knowledge/network/so-what-is-cdn-anyway Think, for a second, about the last website you visited. Or mobile app you recently opened. In fact, imagine pretty much any piece of content you have ever consumed via a digital device. The chances are that the images or video or audio you enjoyed will have been provided by a Content Delivery Network – or ‘CDN’ as it is more commonly known.

A CDN, in simple terms, is a network of servers distributed geographically that combine to deliver content quickly. Sounds familiar, right? That’s exactly what Edge Network does – laces together thousands (millions, even) of digital devices all over the world to share data between users. That data might be for web hosting, it may be digital file sharing or – you guessed it – it might be to facilitate one of the core applications within Edge Network: Edge CDN.

So why is CDN different? It’s all just data, right? That’s definitely true, but the reason why so many digital products – from major content services such as Netflix, Facebook and Amazon to smaller media brands like Empire magazine – use CDNs is to make the delivery of content assets (such as images or video) as efficient as possible.

Now, it just happens that Edge Network does a far more efficient job of distributing data among the world’s population. That’s true for all of the data it processes, but is also true for content such as images and video. And that makes Edge Network an absolutely perfect fit for a CDN.

Not surprising, then, that Edge network has a live CDN product in-market, currently in use by over 70 brands – including Empire and Monocle magazines, a host of digital radio stations and innovative ecommerce applications.

And it’s not only because Edge CDN is superior in terms of performance. It’s also better for the environment – and comes packed with dynamic features such as image manipulation (that’s things like resize, rotate, saturate, sharpen and crop to you and me) and real-time compression to speed up delivery for different digital devices and connections.

Edge CDN is just one of the services provided by Edge Network. For details on the full suite of applications – including Storage and DNS – head up to the ‘Platform’ section in the main navigation of this website. While you’re there, you can also read about how to contribute to the network and earn revenue, subjects also covered in previous episodes of Conversations on the Edge.

Fri, 12 Nov 2021 12:00:00 +0000 618e63128eb1e80019ea29e6 Chris Mair 2021-11-12T12:00:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 01st November, 2021 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-01st-november-2021 Good evening everyone 👋 Happy bonfire night! 🎆


Hi folks!


First up, node payouts for 2021 to date have started processing. If you have had a Host running, look out for an email from the team asking you to confirm the XE address you want to use for the payouts. If you want to confirm the veracity of the email, reach out to one of the community admins.


Last week we talked about the XE testnet faucet. As you may have seen from the new public builds and deploys channels, there has been quite a bit of faucet activity going on today. And I’m happy to announce that it is now live and ready for use on the XE testnet explorer: https://test.network/ 💥


The XE Automated Faucet is very similar to the Rinkeby Ethereum faucet. You tweet your XE wallet address, and then paste the URL of the tweet into the faucet. The request will be queued and subsequently processed. Each request is worth 2500 XE and can be performed once per day at most.

See this transaction from a short while ago: https://test.network/transaction/6e3baa248dc0b5ccf2456fbf01abb612ac2e1f15943617be3df5ddc925e478ba

(Pro tip: click the tweet link and simply replace the generated xe_0000… address with your own!)

If you don’t have a testnet XE wallet, be sure to create one using the testnet wallet: https://wallet.test.network/. If you have any questions, just let us know in the new testnet-support channel.

In addition to this, we’ve also open sourced the Faucet codebase, as we move further towards our vision of open source development. You can find the repository here: https://github.com/edge/faucet


This is another step on the road to full decentralisation. Source code is increasingly being opened up and soon we’ll be 100% open source.

On which, I’m happy to announce that the source code for the XE Mobile Wallet will be open sourced when the beta goes live. This is expected to happen in the next week or two.

The app is currently in testing and is being rapidly evolved on the back of internal feedback. The beta will be locked to test.network to allow for a period of community testing ahead of moving to mainnet. The app will of course continue to be developed and evolved over time.


The update functionality for the new CLI was completed this week. All that is left before we release the first version is to finish off the build process (which compiles the CLI binaries for linux, windows, macos platforms, and arm64 and x64 architectures). Once this is complete, we’ll release the testnet CLI for testing, before moving onto the mainnet release of CLI. Exciting stuff!

In addition to this, we’ll also be open sourcing the CLI codebase with the release. In the coming weeks and months we’ll be open sourcing other repositories too.


The latest episode of our podcast just dropped:

And the latest issue of our weekly newsletter was sent yesterday. You can see it online here: https://ed.ge/disgest/issue-18

If you’re not subscribed, do so now! https://edge.press


As Joseph mentioned before, node payouts for 2021 have begun now, and we’re also working our way through legacy stakes too. If you have stakes on v1, keep an eye out for an email from the team asking you to confirm the XE address you’d like your stakes transferred to. Again, feel free to reach out to our community admins to confirm the veracity of the email.


We’ve been discussing and evolving the governance structures for the project as we move towards the original aim of operating the project as a DAO. There’s a lot to work through on this front, and of course we’ll be starting with community governance as outlined in the Community Wiki. Chris and I have been working on this with some seriously talented people from across the industry, and will be speaking about this in more detail over the coming months.


We’re still looking to grow the team, so if you or anyone you know may be interested in working as part of the core team, please let me know.


If you missed last weeks update, you can read it on our site here: https://ed.ge/update/2021/10/25

And finally, you can expect news relating to an upcoming listing later this month.

Enjoy your weekends.


Thanks all, enjoy bonfire night! 🎆

Fri, 05 Nov 2021 18:30:00 +0000 618e9fb48eb1e80019ea29e9 Joseph Denne 2021-11-05T18:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 25th October, 2021 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-25th-october-2021 Good evening everyone 👋

I’m here with Adam again this evening.


Good evening folks. It’s been a busy week here!


So, first up… we have just opened up the Edge (XE) Blockchain testnet to the public 💥


The blockchain testnet mirrors the mainnet, with a fully functional web wallet (https://wallet.test.network), explorer (https://test.network), bridge (which is integrated with the Rinkeby Ethereum testnet), and index (https://index.test.network).

The blockchain nodes are https://xe1.test.network/, https://xe2.test.network/, and https://xe3.test.network/ and either of these can be used for submitting transactions to the blockchain.

We also released Explorer v1.8.0 and Wallet v1.8.0 in support of the public testnet.

The team is currently working on a faucet which will be accessible via the testnet explorer (https://test.network/) that will allow you to acquire some testnet $XE on demand. Whether you want to try out the web wallet, see how the staking works, or use the testnet to develop your own XE-based applications, the core team will be here to help and support you.


The testnet also receives updates ahead of mainnet, so you may see new features from time-to-time before they’re released.


Work has progressed on the new CLI (command line interface), with staking now integrated. We’re looking to release this next week for testnet. The first version of the new CLI will support wallet operations along with stake management, with device onboarding functionality due to follow shortly after.


We’ll write more about that next week.

Build of the front end interfaces for Edge VPS kicks off next week. The API layers are complete, and the beta programme has been performing well, with test and production usage showing great performance. The interfaces will be released as a beta in the first instance.

The mobile wallet app continues towards public beta status, and we’re excited to be able to share that with you in the next few weeks.


And plans for the desktop wallets (which will also include device management) are underway as we explore ways to make onboarding of devices easier.

Work on v2 has also progressed well, with focus on internal connectivity and protocol.

We’ll write more about how you can get involved with v2 once the public v2 testnet becomes available.


The latest episode of our podcast just dropped:

We’ve taken on board community feedback and are working to evolve the format. A bunch of exciting things to share on this in the coming months.

Delivery as part of the partnerships I’ve mentioned in previous updates progressed apace. There’s a huge amount underway and some really exciting developments that we can’t wait to be able to tell you about.

The latest issue of our now weekly newsletter was sent yesterday. You can see it online here:


If you’re not signed up, do so now and join the 100,000+ individuals already subscribed:


We’re still on the hunt for new core team members, with positions available for accomplished full stack developers. You can read about how we work and find a job specification here:


And if you missed last weeks update, you can find it along with a full archive of our weekly updates here:

{% content-ref url=”weekly-updates.md” %}
{% endcontent-ref %}

For the very latest from Edge, join our Discord server: ed.ge/discord

And that’s it for now – have a great weekend.


Thank you and good night 😄

Fri, 29 Oct 2021 17:30:00 +0000 6182d1bf78fc3f0019fedb04 Joseph Denne 2021-10-29T17:30:00+00:00
Transparency on the Edge https://edge.network/knowledge/network/transparency-on-the-edge There are two ways of looking at Edge Network: you can either consider the hundreds of thousands of lines of artfully written code, or you can think of it as ‘people’. Edge, in simple terms at least, is a framework to connect together millions of private laptops, computers or mobile phones to create a network big enough to power the Internet.

Those millions of people will each own a slice of a new cloud infrastructure that’s greener, faster and fairer than the traditional technology provided by the server farms of Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Edge Network will bring people together, empowering them to change the way digital services work by sharing the revenue we all generate from everything we do online.

This is why we say Edge is ‘technology for good’. It is not an ‘old power’ organisation with a traditional leadership structure that exists to line the pockets of the few. It is not closed, inaccessible, and leader-driven.

Instead, Edge follows a ‘new power’ model. It empowers the crowd, giving them the chance not only to contribute but also to have a say in the direction of the project. Our roadmap will allow users to actively help shape the future of the project – a vital feature of the platform and a key reason why it uses blockchain technology.

(You can, by the way, hear more about this by listening to Episode 13 of Conversations on the Edge, where we talk about how blockchain is used in Edge Network.)

But back to this week. By giving power to the crowd – by giving them a degree of ownership and a voice in how we work – Edge Network becomes a movement. We earn the support of our members by being transparent and responsive.

It’s the natural continuation of a spirit of openness woven into the DNA of our project since its inception three years ago. It’s the reason we’ve delivered a weekly report to our supporters EVERY WEEK for more than 130 weeks. It’s the reason Edge Network is one of the most exciting projects in crypto.

If you’re not one of the tens of thousands already signed up to receive our email newsletters, do so today via edge.network or Twitter. And remember, our team is available 24/7 on Discord and Twitter to answer any questions you may have. They, as much as you, are among the people that make our technology.

Thu, 28 Oct 2021 18:30:00 +0000 617adad078fc3f0019fedafc Chris Mair 2021-10-28T18:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 18th October, 2021 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-18th-october-2021 Good evening everyone 👋

Happy Friday 😀

We’re cracking forward with delivery on v2, and are hitting milestones week in, week out. I have @adamkdean with me this evening to talk to you about the latest.


Good evening folks!

Earlier today XE Blockchain v1.4 went live. This update introduces on-chain staking to the XE mainnet, along with on-chain variables too. On-chain variables are block-level global configuration variables which power the variable stake values in the network. These can be updated by custodian wallets, but can be read by all.

Custodian wallets were set in block 189541 (https://xe.network/block/189541).

Staking variables were set in block 189552 (https://xe.network/block/189552).

You can view the current on-chain variables here: https://api.xe.network/vars

Staking is now enabled on the blockchain, and we’ll be releasing the new CLI in the coming weeks which will allow you to create and manage stakes. Legacy stakes will be migrated over soon, so if you staked in DADI, there’s nothing to worry about, your stakes will be transferred over automatically.

Following this, device onboarding for v2 will open up. There will be a further CLI update to support this and we’ll let you know more closer to opening up. Stakes from new partners in support of coming services will also be being prepared.

Stake values will be as they were before staking was put on hold in the first instance, factored down for the conversion to XE. Over time this will change as the requirements of the network evolve. We’ll talk about this in this forum.

A few weeks ago, we spoke of making the XE testnet public. Work continues on this and we expect to open the testnet up next week. This will include a testnet explorer, a testnet wallet, and the testnet XE blockchain. There are plans for an XE faucet too. In time, a testnet CLI and testnet v2 device onboarding will also be made publicly available.

The release schedule for the rest of Q4 is packed. You’re going to love what’s coming up.


Thank you Adam!

The latest episode of our podcast just dropped:

Plans for a second series in 2022 are in development and look set to broaden the scope of the show from being focused on Edge exclusively to looking at the wider Web3 space. No decisions have been made on this yet, so if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to hear, drop them into the buidl channel in the Discord server.

We’ve been working with two start ups in the NFT space, one in a supporting capacity (think storage and delivery) and one in a deeper capacity, specifically looking at chain usage. Both are being established as DAOs, and both are really exciting and compelling propositions. They’re developing quickly, so we hope and expect to be able to talk to you about them soon.

There’s coming on chain functionality related to this space as well. It’s extremely cool and has the potential to significantly enhance future chain usage.

We also cracked forward with a deeper partnership with an established crypto project. I’ve mentioned this in a prior update, but you expect an announcement relating to hosting and coin usage this side of Christmas.

The XE Mobile App continued to move forward apace. We will be releasing this as a public beta in the first instance and are excited to get your feedback. The wallet integrates Eth, EDGE and XE, and provides bridging functionality. It’s being built to allow for additional functionality to be added over time. Think direct staking, service provision and even support for additional tokens.

There will be a campaign in support of the full launch of the app, with a sizable airdrop of tokens for early adopters and users of the app.

The latest issue of our now weekly newsletter was sent today. If you’re not signed up, there’s no time like the present! Join the 100,000+ individuals already subscribed here: https://edge.press

We’re still on the hunt for new core team members, with positions available for accomplished full stack developers. You can read about how we work and find a job specification in the community wiki here: https://wiki.edge.network/supporting-the-network/careers

And if you missed last weeks update you can read it on our site here: https://ed.ge/update/2021/10/11

And that’s it for now – have a great weekend.

Fri, 22 Oct 2021 17:30:00 +0000 617aea1078fc3f0019fedaff Joseph Denne 2021-10-22T17:30:00+00:00
Weekly Update: W/C 11th October, 2021 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-11th-october-2021 Good evening everyone 👋

Another very busy week here! First up, we passed the 1,000 transaction milestone on the XE Blockchain.

In the last month we’ve also seen strong growth across the project, with CT mentions up 35%, profile visits up 49.6%, followers up 2.6k; Discord engagement is up 89.7%, membership 10%.

Keep your eyes peeled for a fun Edge-based competition in the coming days. The Edge Scavenger Hunt will take you through the history of the Internet, the former ideals and the potential future of Web3. There are a series of great prizes on offer.

The team pushed forward with two fantastic crypto-related partnerships. Both will see usage of the network. And both are helping to inform the future direction of the project.

This week saw Index v1.8.2 and Explorer v1.7.2 released, which introduced named and trusted wallet status to wallet pages. Not only does this help you easily identify official Edge wallets, but also adds useful metadata to the wallets.


The core team has added data to all of the named wallets in the Community Wiki. For example, the Dev Fund (https://xe.network/wallet/xe_ed9e253143488BF40C088C17aBf627108d76c14e) and the Growth Fund (https://xe.network/wallet/xe_ed9e3AcDA88AFFe508d72503845289ca43390032).


This brings a high level of transparency to the operational wallets for the project. In time the functionality will be made available for use elsewhere.

In addition to the wallet metadata, these updates also introduced a number of health checks to the Index service, which we use to keep an eye on the freshness of gas & exchange rates that they deliver.

The Index service, for those who don’t know, synchronises new blocks from the blockchain, and keeps an up to date index of blocks, transactions, wallet balances, as well as gas and exchange rates from the Bridge. It is the central API for reading XE related data. And what’s more, it’s open and free to use. We’ll write more about the endpoints soon.

This week we’ve also been working on v2 of the CLI. The newly redesigned command line interface tool is modular, allowing us to add functionality to it over time. To begin with it will have the wallet and the device modules. The wallet module is almost complete, with just staking commands waiting to be added. Device commands, including the starting, stopping, and finding the status of staked devices (such as Host) were added. As you may know from previous updates, every device will have its own XE wallet, which will be associated with a stake. This also forms the basis of authentication on v2.

On the blockchain, on test.network we have staking live, and this week finished implementing the on-chain variables. These work by having variables that are set via transactions, and much like how wallet balances are the cumulative result of all preceding transactions, so too are the variables the result of all preceding variable transactions. You can see an example from testnet, showing the current variables as of the latest block, along with a wallet that has two stakes below; one that was unlocked and released, and the other which is active.


Development of the Mobile Wallet continued in earnest, and as you can see below, it’s really taking shape nicely. The screens and user experience flows are still being added, and with each build we’re refining and improving the interface.


In addition to all the development streams, there has also been ongoing operations work around monitoring, logging, and alerting. Visibility and awareness is key to managing large distributed systems, as well as to ensuring the best performance possible is delivered. We implemented health checks, alerts, and performance monitoring across services such as the blockchain, the index, the bridge, the wallet, as well as the v1 CDN and even third party APIs (such as EthGasStation).

There have been some really interesting conversations around the token economy of the project, with new concepts for how this can be strengthened further tabled. We are planning on testing the water on this front with the launch of the Mobile Wallet and with the launch of the Edge VPS service. It will be a fairly radical departure, but one which aligns much more closely with our vision for Web3 computing services.

A public programme offering free edge hosting to crypto projects will be launched in November.

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We’re still on the hunt for new core team members, with positions available for accomplished full stack developers. You can read about how we work and find a job specification in the community wiki here:


And if you missed last weeks update, you can read it on our site here: https://ed.ge/update/2021/10/04

And that’s it for now – have a great weekend.

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Weekly Update: W/C 04th October, 2021 https://edge.network/updates/announcements/weekly-update-wc-04th-october-2021 Good evening everyone 👋

It’s been another busy week, hence this update landing a little later than usual.

The team kicked off two exciting partnerships this week, both blockchain and both mutually beneficial. Details will be shared in due course.

I have Adam with me to provide you with a development update.


Evening all!

Another late update, and this week we have another release for you.

We have just released Index v1.7.3 and Explorer v1.6.4. This introduces a wallets index for the first time, allowing the browsing of active wallets in the XE Blockchain. The heavy lifting for this is in Index, which monitors blocks and queries the blockchain for balances. The hooks have also been put in place to allow us to add a balance field to transactions in the explorer in future.

Take a look: https://xe.network/wallets

This week saw Bridge v2.2.0 released, which implemented Ethereum EIP-1559 transactions. So far we’ve seen a big improvement in transaction processing speed.

The new Edge CLI has been in the works this week, with the first CLI transaction being sent on the testnet earlier today. The new version of the command line interface tool will allow full wallet management, along with onboarding and stake management, later this year.

While we’re talking about testnet, just a reminder that we’ll be making testnet public later this year. You’ll be able to create a wallet, get some XE from a faucet, and even onboard testnet devices, if you wish to. Super exciting.

The design for the mobile wallet app is looking great, and has started to be implemented into the beta. We’ll have a preview of the design for you next week, and let me tell you, it’s looking amazing.

This week we released one of our open source libraries, @edge/log. Logging, along with monitoring and alerting, are key to both development and operations, and this library, though small, is essential to achieving that. If you’re interested in learning more about how it works, take as look at the repository:



Thanks Adam!

As I hope is obvious, the core team is working flat out to push the project forward. We have fantastic tech and an extremely strong roadmap. Plus there is some magical development work happening around the roadmap – future stuff that I’m hopeful will make it into the core of the platform in the fullness of time.

Marketing is underway and as a result we’ve seen steady growth in our core community channels and have opened up a series of fantastic opportunities. The team will be sharing what they can as we go. There’s a lot on the horizon to excite you.

We firmly believe that Edge is only as strong as its community. The project set out to take control of web services away from centralised corporations, enabling everyone to participate in the value creation that flows from the Internet. To this end we really need you to get involved. Tweet about the project, mention it in your other communities and help us to spread the word.

If you didn’t know, Edge has a bug bounty. We pay out for the identification of verified bugs. To date this year the bounty has rewarded $4,500, with the highest single reward being $1,000. If you find a bug or a security vulnerability, email bounty@edge.network with details as to how we can recreate it.

Episode 22 of our podcast, Conversations on the Edge, has just been released:

If you’ve missed the podcast to date, you can catch up with all of the episodes from season one here: https://wiki.edge.network/getting-started/conversations-on-the-edge

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We’re still on the hunt for new core team members, with positions available for accomplished full stack developers. You can read about how we work and find a job specification in the community wiki here:


And if you missed last weeks update, you can read it on our site here:


And that’s it for now – have a great weekend.

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